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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Gender Identity: Demigender/demigirl/genderfluid
Sexuality: Polysexual, polyamorous

I've been drawing for a long while and usually make my home on the fantastic MangaRaiders forum. I started with traditional media and sadly I don't have a scanner to show you better quality versions of my works, but recently I have begun working digitally.

I apologize that my first upload dump of 45 or so works is in disarray; They're all saved on my computer and I have switched computers so frequently that I have lost track of dates, therefore I could not upload chronologically.
All righty. It's about that time. I have finally uploaded most of my works (although I'm still in progress on that) and hopefully that will be enough to open some doors for me. PayPal's been set up. I'm expanding my social media. Yeeup.

I don't think I need to say much more than the title. I'll be opening five slots here on Deviantart (and more on my FurAffinity). As of now those slots are:


>MSPaint/Pixel Art badge:
>>>headshot/bust $5.00
>>>half body: $7.50
>Flat color badge:
>>>headshot/bust: $5.00
>>>half body: $7.50

>>>half body: $4.50
>>>full body: $7.00
>flat color:
>>>half body: $7.00
>>>full body: $10.00
>full shading:
>>half body: $12.00
>>full body: $15.50
>add background for an additional $2.00 per shading level
>add half price for each additional character

Reference Sheets: $20.00 (flat color only)

NSFW art is up to my discretion, and prices may vary. I can provide an estimate for you with a free consultation. Just send me a note.

All species, sexes, and genders welcome.
All works will be in digital until I can obtain a scanner.


The Master
trying new things withoutlining and shading brushes. also just a sketch of a character for a thing.
Reset Img 2
I swear I don't mean to almost turn everything I write into a horrible innuendo. I blame it on working too closely with the Ecchi Twins.
Bruce Refsheet
Finally made myself a good refseheet for my German Shepherd boy. I'll be making some other art of him, so I figured I might as well get his ear and coloration all figured out.

May wind up commissioning art of him when I can afford it. In the meantime, if you'd like a refsheet like this one, I am open for commissions and will make one with this amount of detail (front, back, four details, color palette, and clothes version) for only $20.


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